Jody Dominguez

Jody is originally from Georgetown, Tx but spent most his life in Midland, TX.  His love of singing began by learning from both his mother and grandmother and grew as he stayed active singing in his local church.  Jody's influences include: George Strait, Aaron Watson, and George Jones.  Jody brings a breath of fresh air to Stateline with his smooth natural country sound. 


Kurt O'Briant

Kurt is a native West Texan raised in Big Lake, TX.   His earliest memories include playing guitar next to his "Old Man".  The two shared the stage for over 10 yrs.  Kurt's influences include:  Jimmy O'Braint, Charles Walton, and Merle Haggard.  Kurt's lead picking and creative lyric writing help create Stateline's unique style.  


Sabino Rivero Jr.

Jr. is originally from Seagraves, TX.  He  began playing early in life at the age of 6yrs old at his local church.  Having played several instruments, he now plays bass for Stateline.  Bino brings his easy going attitude and passion for the rhythm section to Stateline. His background includes contemporary worship music, blues, and Spanish rock. 


Patrick Quain

Pat is a native Midlander.  Began swinging drum sticks at the age of 13 following his grandfather's footsteps.  Pat brings his high energy and a contagious laugh to Stateline. Pat's influences include:  CCR (original),  Travis Tritt, Randy Rogers and Kevin Fowler.  


Sergio Ojeda

Sergio was born and raised in Big Lake, TX.  He began learning drums and keys from his dad at the early age of 5.  He Picked up his first accordion at the age of 10.  His influences include:  Michael Salgado, Ramon Ayala, and Keith Nieto (La Maquinaira Nortena). Serg brings a flare of Tex-Mex to Stateline that represents the diverse culture of West-Texas.